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 Public Meeting Nhill Senior Citizens Clubrooms 7.30 pm, July 21st 

 Roger Meyer will be guest speaker at an evening presented by the Nhill Aviation Heritage Centre on 21st of July at the Nhill Senior Citizens Centre at 7.30 pm. He will present photos and will talk about the history of early radio especially in relation to the Nhill Aeradio Station and the part the Nhill station played in Australian aviation communication. The Nhill building is one of few surviving examples of its type built in the late 1930s. It is expected that Roger will make known his views about the future of the Nhill Aeradio building.

Roger joined the Department of Civil Aviation in 1960 as a Radio Technician-in-Training. Upon graduation, he was involved with building the air traffic control centre at the new Melbourne airport at Tullamarine.

He was involved for the next 35 years with the design and installation of Air Traffic Control communications and Flight Service radio facilities in Victoria and Tasmania. These projects included involvement in the design, construction and installation of control towers, radar operator consoles, specialised communications equipment, search and rescue centres, and training simulators. Roger worked closely with air traffic controllers in the writing of operational documents.

 In 1974, he became the custodian of the fledgling collection of redundant airways engineering equipment that was to become the nucleus of the Airways Museum now situated at Essendon Airport.

Aeradio Building 1928

Aeradio Building 2009

In 1982, the Department of Transport set up an Historical Society and Roger became Secretary of the Victoria/Tasmania Division. In time the Society took over responsibility for Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

Roger Meyer retired from his work as a technical specialist in 1999 after almost 40 years service. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2006 Queen’s Birthday Honours "for service to the community through the preservation and recording of Australian civil aviation history". He is now President of the Civil Aviation Historical Society, and is presently researching the history of radio navigation aids and the origins of the Aeradio organisation.

 The Nhill Aviation Heritage Centre Board is inviting all interested people to join us for this rare opportunity to hear a presentation from someone with extensive knowledge about the various communication and guidance systems that are now part of Nhill’s aviation history. Roger would be pleased to talk with people during a light supper at the conclusion of the evening. A $5 entry is being asked to defray expenses.

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