Australian Frontier Wars 1788-1838

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Author:                       John Connor

First published:         2002                                                   Reprinted:     2005

Format:                       Paperback     175 pages

From the Swan River to the Hawkesbury, and from the sticky Arnhem Land mangrove to the soft green hills of Tasmania, this book describes the major conflicts fought on the Australian frontier to 1838. Based on extensive research and featuring a new introduction commenting on the Windschuttle debate, The Australian Frontier Wars 1788 - 1838 will change our view of Australian history forever.

The Australian Frontier Wars 1788 – 1838 is the first book-length military history of frontier conflict in Australia.  Covering the first fifty years of British occupation in Australia, this book examines in detail the weapons and tactics Aborigines, soldiers and settlers used to fight each other on the frontier.  Aborigines developed a new form of warfare that differed from their traditional methods.  Raiding parties took goods and foodstuffs when they were useful and destroyed them when they were not.  The British army arrived in Australia with experience of frontier warfare in other parts of the Empire, but initially found it difficult to operate in the bush.  However, once the British began using horses, they were able to track and attack Aboriginal groups, and gained the advantage that would bring them victory. 

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