The Incredible Klemm Pat Studdy-Clift

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This is the story of the remarkable Klemm Swallow aircraft built by Hans Klemm in Munich in 1934 and sent to New Guinea as a mission plane. It is now the oldest surviving mission plane from a lost past in the jungles of New Guinea. How can 'The Incredible Klemm' - St Paulus still be flying this very day? Constructed in 1934 from wood and cloth; flown by aeronautical pioneers into the most dangerous flying conditions on our planet; coming face to face with hostile tribes of a lost world; survivor of numerous crashes; boldly parading bullet scars from a Japanese Zero; dodging friendly fire; surviving attacks by wild pigs; gripped by the ferocious teeth of a cyclone; on many risky search missions. Pat Studdy-Clift is the author of The Lady Bushranger, On the Banks of the Condamine, With Only Our Gloves On, When Nuns Wore Soldier's Trousers and co-author of Bush Justice and Darwin Dilemmas. Published in 2009
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