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Douglas Lockwood was the Darwin correspondent for the Melbourne Herald newspaper for more than 20 years, from 1941 to 1968, with time away for war
service and in the Herald's London office. In that time he wrote 13 books - most are now out of print.

Lockwood's son - Kim in conjunction with Westprint - has commenced a program to republish many of these books. This is the first to have been republished with notes from Kim on the fate of many of the characters mentioned by his father in the original edition.

Each title to be republished will have a limited run of 100 numbered hard cover copies with around 400 softcover copies being printed.

For fifteen years Douglas Lockwood travelled around the sparsley populated Northern Territory reporting the weird and wonderful stories he found there. He soon discovered the necessity of tracking down concrete evidence as the stories he found to be true were outlandish enough to make your hair curl. One of them won the 1000 pound prize in the London Evening News competition for the World's Strangest Story - it is included in this book - and any of a dozen of his other stories could easily have been runner-up.

Here are stories of Aboriginal corroborees and Japanese pearl divers, of overlanding and uranium mining, of a wallaby that shot a man and the crocodile that lived in a bank. Some of them are amusing, some horrifying, some unbelievable except for the fact that Lockwood has a reputation to preserve and a strong aversion to being counted among the gullible.

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