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How to Download and Buy - For most things you buy online, you pay for the goods before you get them. Memory Maps prefer to do it the other way round.

Get the maps first - Try them - then Buy them

1Watch this      -          Tutorial Video for greater understanding of how to manage and download maps.

      Tutorial Movie - Tech Support Terry explains how to select and download maps 


2 - Get The App  

Get the PC app -             pcicon       -         Click here 

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3 - Get the Map     -     There are two ways to Get Maps. Simply download and *open/run* the package file from the links below:

For the PC and Android  - Click here                pc     android

For the iPhone and iPad  - Touch here           ios

Either way, you will be offered a free demo period so you can make sure these are the maps you want to buy and keep. In-app purchases on an Apple device from the AppStore restricts the platform choice to iOS only, but allows you up to 5 activations. When you replace or upgrade your hardware, you may migrate licenses from old to new at any time.


4 – Buy.             Buy a Licence once you have decided you like what you have been able to test. Click or Touch here

 The end price to buy the Memory Map Navigation software package, with all the Westprint Maps included is currently US$49.95.

For approximately A$65 - $70.00 you get

  Australia's Outback Tracks map at 1:1Mill scale
  Alice Springs - Oodnadatta
  Alice Springs - Uluru
  Anne Beadell Hwy & Plum Lakes 
  Arnhem Land
  Birdsville & Strzelecki Tracks
  Canning Stock Route
  Cape York
  Diamantina Lakes
  East Nullarbor
  Googs Track
  Gulf Country
  Gunbarrel Hwy
  Oodnadatta Track
  Outback Victoria
  Plenty Hwy
  Simpson Desert
  Southwest Qld
  Top End
  West Nullarbor

 PLUS the software to make it all work.

Memory Map also have other map packages available from the ExplorOz EOTopo series, Hema, various topographic map bundles and marine charts as well.


On orders of $100.00 and over, for delivery within Australia. Free Shipping on folded paper maps. Flat rate shipping on most books @ $9.50 up to order value of $99.99


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