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This is a chronicle of verifiable uncontestable truth of the violent Hidden History of Western Australia's Kimberley Region.  It provids an account of colonial police officers and Settlers of Western Australia; their tribulations, bravery and sacrifice in this furthest frontier of Western Australia.  It tells of the Aborigines who courageously and fiercely resisted their coming and suffered as a consequence.  It is of unsung heroes, both black and white, who struggled in a dangerous land wrought with fear, death and revenge.

It is of violence, mutiny, murders, villains, disgraceful happenings and bravery in one of most violent frontier environments of the 19th Century.  It is of adventurers whose exploits are as equal to an frontiersmen in the world and their heroic feats, regardless of current perspectives, would have in most nations been acknowledged and celebrated.

These young men of the Pioneer Police Force's persistence and the Settlers of the Kimberley's ability to survive against the odds, hone in their pioneering background should provide pride in the courage of our Pioneers.  It demonstrates the Australian Character, enduring the harshness of our land, which saw future young adventurers become Anzacs, who continue as an inspiration to Australia's generations past and to come.

It is a story of a legend that should be theirs.

They are the men of the Kimberley Frontier.

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